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Dudley Fulton

Our Clients

We are proud to be a partner in our clients' success. We love to hear from clients when they think we go above and beyond.  We invite you to learn more about Towne Insurance from clients we've helped.

Commercial Building Contractor

"I can say with confidence that our agent at Towne Insurance has been there for us every step of the way. We don't even feel the need to shop rates, due to the fact we know he has our back. It's extremely comforting to know we have someone competent handling one of the most important aspects of our business."

about Commercial Building Contractor

Healthcare Organization

"I have been extremely happy with Towne Insurance. Their team went above and beyond all our expectations. Very professional and always friendly. I recommend them constantly to all my colleagues. They work hard to keep my rates affordable, educate us, and assist me to better our business. Their team is definitely on top of things and I can't thank them enough."

about Healthcare Organization

Wholesaler Distributor

"The most competent insurance broker in the business. Not just renewal time but especially in time of claims and its administration. In fact, that's his strongest attribute. He has far surpassed the competition in every aspect of customer service. Your staff is wonderful."

about Wholesaler Distributor

Not-for-Profit Organization

"I've always appreciated that they seek to find the right coverage at the best price and are forthcoming with pros and cons of the options."

about Not-for-Profit Organization

Security Professional

"They make it easy...Everyone I have worked with has been knowledgeable and friendly. Wish all my contacts were this painless."

about Security Professional

Real Estate Property Management

"My relationship with Towne Insurance goes back a few years. I have always been pleased with their level of professionalism and their ability to work with the client to meet their insurance needs. Will continue to use you as our agent of choice."

about Real Estate Property Management

Community Services Organization

"I would like to thank you again for your presentation at the Board of Directors’ meeting. The feedback from your presentation has been excellent. The Board has actually asked if you can come back each year, just before our policy renews, and do a similar presentation. Comments I received were along these lines: “That guy really knows insurance!” or “He really opened my eyes about insurance” or “I think I need to get an umbrella policy!” So, your presentation was a slam-dunk hit, and I thank you. Our President also expressed his deep appreciation for your presentation."

about Community Services Organization

Artisan Contractor

"I specialize in masonry restoration, 18th through early 20th century structures. Towne Insurance has been incredibly helpful and go to any length to solve the few problems that do come up. They have given great counsel concerning the type of insurance I need and have been super responsive if I have a question or simply need a Certificate of Insurance sent. I get down-home, genuine friendliness along with very sharp, up to date professional advice. What could be better?"

about Artisan Contractor

Happy Homeowner

"I had a meeting today concerning my hotel insurance and our agent informed me that you have worked to get the premium reduced on our home insurance. I appreciate your effort. It's nice to know Towne Insurance goes the extra mile to provide the best coverage for the best premium."

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