rain dripping off roof

Fixing the roof when it’s not raining isn’t just good risk management. 

But an inspired way to protect capital for better things.

Towne Insurance is proud to support the
North Carolina Captive Insurance Association.

We understand the responsibility of managing risk and capital. And, that a captive insurance company can be an enormously powerful financial planning tool for owners of middle market companies to insure risk of an affiliated business, its customers or others. With a focus on capitalizing and forming captives, Towne Insurance can assist in the captive process:  
  • Captive formation
  • Captive program review
  • Due diligence
  • Reinsurance
  • Projections and calculations
  • Risk management framework
  • Compliance

Need help meeting compliance requirements? 

Towne Cyber Security Partner, Sera-Brynn, knows federal cyber security standards and frameworks. Simplify the business requirements today. As a Qualified Security Assessor, Sera-Brynn has the qualifications to help any size business or organization with achieving compliance.