In the Community

Building stronger communities is a cornerstone of Towne's philosophy. Whether it’s volunteering, fundraising, or through donations, the Towne Family proudly supports non-profit organizations committed to helping our communities.

The TowneBank Foundation

As a Towne Family Company, Towne Insurance supports corporate wide initiatives through annual contributions and sponsorships facilitated by the TowneBank Foundation.  The TowneBank Foundation is a nonprofit organization formed by TowneBank in 2001. The foundation hosts two major fundraisers each year, the Fall Extravaganza and the annual Charity Golf Tournament. Each year, TowneBank also contributes a percentage of its profits to the Foundation, and covers 100% of the Foundation’s administrative fees. Towne employees volunteer their time to support this worthwhile organization.

Fall Extravaganza 
Towne hosts an annual Fall Extravaganza to raise funds for the TowneBank Foundation. The extravaganza features food prepared by local restaurants, live music and a huge silent auction. 

Charity Golf Tournament 
The annual golf tournament takes place in the spring at Riverfront Golf Club in Suffolk. Net Proceeds are deposited into the TowneBank Foundation for charitable giving in each of the communities Towne serves.