Protect Your Personal Property

Protect Your Personal Property

Renters insurance can provide financial protection and peace of mind for anyone leasing or renting their current residence.

Renters Insurance

Although landlords are typically responsible for the physical structure of rented buildings, their insurance coverage generally won't cover damage to renters' personal property. That’s why it’s so important to have your own renters insurance policy.

The expert Risk Advisors at Towne Insurance work closely with renters to ensure you get the right protection for your unique situation. 

How Does Renters Insurance Work?

Renters insurance focuses on protecting your personal possessions as a renter. Areas of coverage may include:

  • Personal Belongings
  • Liability Protection
  • Additional Living Expenses in the Event of a Claim  

Our team of highly knowledgeable Risk Advisors will work with you to determine what type of renters insurance fits you. 

Renters Insurance Protects You In Many Ways

Renters insurance can provide financial protection from financial losses resulting from common perils, including the following:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Damage caused by frozen or leaking pipes
  • Weather events (e.g., hail, wind, and lighting)
  • Snow damage or ice collapse

Without renters insurance, you could have to pay to repair or replace damaged possessions out of pocket.

Why Towne for Renters Insurance?

As a leading independent insurance agency, Towne has strong relationships with many of the nation’s top insurance carriers. So we can provide the right renters coverage for your residence at the most competitive rates. 

Towne is able to offer a wide variety of insurance policies without the restrictions of a single insurer. This variety enables us to create a custom program to meet your specific needs. 

Towne Insurance is part of a culture defined by caring for the people and communities we serve.  

Your Renters Insurance Experts

Contact us today to learn about renters insurance and to get a complimentary renters insurance quote!

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