Protection with Possible Growth

A retirement option that can provide a guranteed & stable income.


As you plan for retirement, it’s important to make sure your income will support your lifestyle. An annuity from Towne Benefits can help you reach your retirement goals.

What Are Annuities?    

An annuity is an insurance contract where you pay a specific amount of money up front in return for either a one-time payment, or a series of payments made over time.     

An annuity is a great option if you want:

  • A guaranteed & stable income
  • A tax deferred retirement vehicle
  • Principal protection with possible growth

The Three Main Types of Annuities 

  • Income Annuities – Designed to provide an income.
  • Fixed Annuities – Designed to build wealth.
  • Variable Annuities – Designed to build wealth, but subject to potential market loss.

Choosing the Right Annuity to Fit Your Needs 

The Towne Benefits team gets to know you, so we can help you select the right retirement investments to reach your specific goals.  

Why Towne for Annuities?

As a leading independent insurance agency, Towne has strong relationships with many of the nation’s top insurance carriers. So we can provide the right annuity contracts at the most competitive rates. 

Towne is able to offer a wide variety of insurance policies without the restrictions of a single insurer. We represent you to the insurance marketplace and will always look out for your best interests.

Towne Insurance and Towne Benefits are part of a culture defined by caring for the people and communities we serve.

Your Annuity Experts

You can count on the experienced team at Towne to help you find the appropriate annuity contract to meet your specific retirement objectives.

Contact our Towne Benefits Team today to learn more about our services and products or receive a complimentary quote!  

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