Claims & Policy Service

When you do have a claim and need fast and fair service, we work with you to make that happen. Reporting claims immediately and direct to your insurance company may reduce the overall cost of the claim.

Please refer to your policy for specific instructions on how to report a claim. 

Report a loss involving your Commercial Auto, Property or Liability. 

During normal business hours:
Towne Insurance Claims Department
Phone: 757-963-8617 

Claims emergencies or outside of business hours: Please report directly to your insurance company.

Report an on-the-job injury involving Workers' Compensation.

When urgent, please report directly to your insurance company.  The employer's responsibility is to report an on-the-job injury as soon as possible and to direct the employee to the proper medical care. Many injuries benefit from prompt medical care. 
If the claim involves a fatality or hospitalization, be sure to file required OSHA reports: 800-321-6742 (OSHA)