Workers' Compensation

At Towne Insurance, it is our top priority to ensure you have the right protection for your business. We believe that providing you with a comprehensive insurance program enables our agency to provide the best service and risk management advice for your business.

As a business owner, Workers’ Compensation is an important piece of your insurance protection, which is the reason we recommend adding this valuable coverage to your risk management program.

  • The policy is designed to handle work-related accidents as well as diseases.
  • Costs associated with accidental injury that occurs during work and related to the injured person's duties. The amounts that must be paid are defined by the state or jurisdiction where a covered incident occurs. 
  • Costs associated with disease or death that may be the ultimate result of the accident. 
  • If the employee's injury does not qualify for compensation under the state's Workers Compensation' Acts, the policy will respond to an employee who sues his or her employer, alleging negligence. 

The type of business that can be insured with a workers comp policy may be an individual, partnership, joint venture, corporation, association, fiduciary, or other entity. A typical policy lists the work locations that are covered. 

Workers’ Compensation premiums are based on:  

  • The employer’s total payroll for employees eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits
  • The employee's duties (Classification)
  • Loss Experience 
  • Premium credit may be available for certain programs in which you you participate (e.g., Drug Free Workplace)