Self-Funded Benefit Solutions

Save big, choose the benefits you wish to offer, improve cash flow, and more.

Self-Funded Group Health Plans

With a self-funded group health plan, the employer assumes the financial risk of paying for employees’ healthcare, either from a trust or directly from corporate funds. Dental and vision coverage programs can also be self-funded. 

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced Benefits Consultants have years of experience working with business owners to create self-funded benefits plans that meet their unique business needs. 

What Are the Advantages of a Self-Funded Benefit Plan? 

  • Reduced insurance overhead costs and state premium taxes
  • More predictable / stable costs (not subject to commercial insurance market pricing)
  • Greater control of your insurance program by choosing the benefits you wish to offer from the care centers you want to utilize
  • Flexibility in plan designs, administration, and offered services
  • Customizable stop-loss insurance to reduce the risk associated with high dollar claims
  • Tailored coverages that cover gaps in traditional insurance
  • Improved cash flow – Employers do not have to pre-pay for coverage, and only pay claims as they become due, which can provide savings on healthcare costs
  • Enterprise level benefits for smaller companies        

Your Self-Funding Insurance Experts

Self-funding is a great strategy for many businesses and provides various advantages that fully insured benefit plans cannot. Contact our Towne Benefits Team today to learn more about how self-funding might be a good fit for your business! 

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