Inland Marine & Ocean Marine

Whether your property, products, materials and equipment are transported over water or land, marine insurance can help. Inland marine covers a wide range of equipment and products that may not be included in your property insurance policy, such as: 
go one job location to another
  • Goods in transit
  • Computers, everything from servers to laptops
  • Buildings under construction

  • Communications and networking equipment
  • Construction and contracting equipment
  • Medical and scientific equipment
  • Photography equipment

Specialty coverages include: 
Builder's Risk
A Builder's Risk policy protects structures and materials during new construction projects or renovations. How much coverage should you buy on a building that is just being built? If you insure at its estimated value, you pay premium for values that do not yet exist. If you insure for less than the full value, you are constantly endorsing the policy to keep up with value changes. Towne Insurance can help protect your project.

Contractor's Equipment
Contractors and mobile equipment is a class of property that complicates things because the line is blurred between it and what are considered to be vehicles. The distinction is important because of how protection is handled. 

Installation Floater
An Installation Floater covers materials from the moment they are loaded onto a truck until they are put to use or installed. 

Cargo insurance keeps clients’ goods protected while your business transports and delivers them. Cargo insurance coverage can seem complicated.  While all transportation exposures have basic items in common, we understand the total exposure is affected by the type of equipment, the routes traveled, the distance traveled, the driver's experience, the type of cargo being shipped, the time allowed to make the delivery, whether the trip involves intrastate, interstate or even across-the-border travel.

Towne Insurance can assist in identifying the best protection for you.

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